Garen mini-rework? Thoughts? Read the information provided by the image. Thoughts, fellow Garen Players? The possible removal of Villainy is I suppose interesting, and the AS changes to E as well, though I'd like to test them in action before I lay an actual verdict on it. Unfortunately, I don't have a PBE account, in the event that this gets put ON the PBE for testing. His W's also getting returned to how it was before, bringing back MORE farming. EDIT: Having done some thinking about it, I really don't like these changes. Riot. I think you need to go back to the drawing board with this. I see no changes to his Q , so he can't move faster or avoid slows any differently than as he is now and he is no more or less effective with a higher or lower Silence duration. You're gutting his W, adding 5 seconds to it and Level 5, thus reducing his uptime for it and removing the amount of Armor and MR he can have by 20 so that it's back to 30 but INCREASING the number of Minions he has to farm by 10 to 160, thus forcing him to farm MORE. Considering Garen has never built any On-Hit type things in the past, I don't understand why this is being added to his E. Then there is the idea of an (I assume based on what I read) AS scaling on it? Or am I reading it wrong? Are you trying to truly make him a "Freight Train" type Juggernaut, considering most of them build Attack Speed like Trundle or Shyvana or the current Pre-VGU Volibear? I might be reading it wrong but I think this is a reduction in damage output for his E as well, UNLESS he builds AS. Are you trying to turn him into a discount version of Shyvana due to all the On-Hit stuff she has and/or can proc too with it, but instead of applying them twice or something like that, he does it with only 50% effectiveness? Changing his ult to just full True Damage all the time shoehorns him more into a "Lesser Version of Darius" viewpoint as well, yet he gets no reset AND the damage output is lessened there too. No. I just don't buy this.
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