Shaco needs more than just another small damage ability

HONOR TO THE OLD SHACO - A Shaco Montage In Memory Of The Golden Times
HONOR TO THE OLD SHACO - A SHACO MONTAGE IN MEMORY OF THE GOLDEN TIMES MUSIC: -[ Satellite Stories - Campfire EDIT: -[ Adobe Premiere Pro -[ Adobe After Effects -[ SkinSpotlightReplay -[ Creator Suite -[ OBS
What shaco needs is more damage on Q and new passive. Back then when he had just 20% more dmg from behind on all damage that he deals was pretty nice, and Q dealing 220% crit damage at max lvl was also nice cause there was no BASE damage on his burst. That means when you build tanky > you just wasting scaling possibility. Also his gameplay was more smooth and dynamic cause Q was a dash and deals damage. Nowadays you don't need to risk using your only escape ability to kill someone. Srsly i don't know why after rework his Q has no dmg, longer cd and shorter invis. Also his E damage is a meme in shaco mains community for a long time. This % scaling by enemy miss hp damage just doesn't workk... it's shit. Bring back higher base damage on his shiv's and get rid of % damage. Shaco needs some love by riot games, don't you just leave this masterpiece champion to die. Only reason why his win ratio is decent is because mostly otp's plays him. We are playing this champ everydayyy no wonder why we still can make use of him. But there is no reason why would someone pick shaco instead of kha'zix or rengar... ------------------------------- I think making his Q deals (+100% bonus AD) or even (+110% bonus AD) because long cd would be great. (ofc. with different passive) OOoooohh and give a nice animation to this Q so we can feel that we deal damage -------------------------------- Sorry for my poor englando if i did any mistake heHEE

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