Patch 9.4 in a nutshell. Frustrating champions edition.

{{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} These champions do not take skill to use anymore, winrate wise and non-context they are basically Annie/Yi entry-level now. Miss your skillshots and dash into them with your mobility and use your empowered autoattack and you win. No need to combo perfectly. At least around season 4 when people complained about these champions, it was because of the outplay. Now it is just brute force. I remember back those days when Zed was complained in the boards NOT because he "one-shots" but was "difficult to gank" See the difference? The people who mained them are pissed off because some noob can use them to be better than they have trained for, and people who are against them are fighting a wall of BS that have been built up by tons of buffs that went unchecked.
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