The state of Ranked 3v3 post deletion announcement

I've been an avid solo (and occasional group) queue of 3v3's since it was announced two season ago that we could solo queue in it. It's where I received gold rank for the first time, and where my enjoyment of the game took a complete 180 from not enjoying league at all to loving it. My game quality has been sometimes spotty, but generally range from the pretty fair to intense, neck to neck, game play. Since Riot has announced the cancellation of the support of twisted treeline, Ranked 3v3's game quality hasn't just dipped, but it has become unplayable. Every game I've played since the announcement has had a griefer, someone not willing to accept 3v3's is played differently from 5v5's and they proceed to flame the people who know what they are doing. I'm just curious if Riot knows what's going on in the gamemode they stopped supporting years ago since they announced it's deletion after the end of this season. While I'm immensely sad it's being deleted, i'm not upset it's going. I'm upset because I honestly wish they just announced it at the end of the season. Twisted Treeline in it's current state is a disaster because of the people flooding the queues. It would honestly be better off deleted now (in my opinion) because queues are just so unbearable to play. I'd love to get thoughts from people outside of my friends to see how they feel about their Twisted Treeline games to know if it's just me and my friend group all experiencing this or it's actually a problem. TL;DR: Ranked Twisted Treeline game quality seems to have drastically gone down since the announcement of the deletion of the game mode. I'd like to know other's experience since the announcement.
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