If you're going to make people place in Silver, can you please reset their MMR to Silver level?

Look, if you want to placebo the fuck out of people to fix the constant complaints about trashies in ranked, you can't. Anyone smart enough to play ranked in the first place will see right through what you're trying to do. Start everyone at Iron MMR **and** Iron rank, or do nothing because doing one or the other is basically pure placebo meant to pull wool over peoples' eyes. I find that dishonest, Riot. ___ Currently, there's an issue going around where lots of people are rightfully complaining about being placed in, like, Silver. This is especially bad in this case because the people still have their MMRs from previous seasons, meaning they'll just have to constantly grind and be victim to God knows what other bullshit due to their rank not reflecting their MMR. People want a **hard reset,** so can you actually do that for once instead of having me be **placed** in Silver while I'm fighting Platinum players?
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