Aatrox VGU fundamentally changes what kind of champion he is

Aatrox's original kit relies heavily on autoattacking and as such has a lot of sustained DPS as long as he can stick on a target. This is sorta gated by his Q and E cooldowns. His VGU has pretty much nothing as far as autoattacking or sustained DPS. He just gets a bonus to AD from his ult and that's it. His passive is for one attack so it's basically an ability. His Q has 3 AoE knock ups and his W has a short pull. That feels more like a tank, although it seems that he's tuned to scale well off AD so it's more of an AD caster/bruiser with a lot of CC. I don't think this is a good thing. Imagine if Irelia lost her Q when she was remade. Irelia's remake was true to her original gameplay identity and that's why it was well received.
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