The Problem with ADC

So there's been a lot of discussion regarding Adcs. ADCs are frustrated that they sometimes can't even interact with the game because the they simply get oneshot, and other roles don't want ADCs to return to the gods they once were. So who's right? Both. The inherent problem with ADC revolves around one thing: ranged autos. Ranged autos are not necessarily a bad thing. But most ADCs are ranged auto attackers. Only a few can get away from being purely reliant on their autos. To understand why this is a problem, we need to understand how champ balance works. Champions all draw from a single pool of power (call it whatever you want). It flows into the different parts of a champ. There is only so much power available, so it must be divided up between parts. Basically if a champs power is allocated into tankiness and cc, it can't be allocated as much into other areas, such as damage. Duh, right? I'm pretty sure everyone knows this. But stats aren't the only way power is allocated. There is guaranteed (point click) damage, and missable (skill shot) damage. So the problem of ADCs is that they have range, damage, and guaranteed damage (can't dodge autos). Because of this you can't move power into other areas too much or they become overtuned. I hear some ADCs say that they'd be okay with losing damage, but I don't think that would fix the problem. I believe ADCs would still be unsatisfying to play. How do you fix this? Make ADC damage less guaranteed. Make their abilities more important. Give them spammable abilities like Cass/Karth Q or Corki R or Ezrael Q (Maybe there's a reason Ezrael is so popular). Keep the damage the same, but give us that have to eat that damage more ways to interact with it. But what do I know, I don't even play ADC. TLDR: makes ADCs less Auto attack reliant.
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