What the boards think tanking is

{{champion:254}}: {{item:1400}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3065}} {{champion:254}} "AH-HA! Not so fast you foul being! The day is mine {{champion:67}}!!!" {{champion:254}}: Q -> Flash -> max range Ult {{champion:254}}: "I have you now! BEHOLD! My IM-FUCKING-PENETRABLE {{item:3143}} as I bash your head in with it!" {{champion:40}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:62}}: "Get off our {{champion:67}}, bitch" {{champion:254}}: "Haha! The joke is on you! My team will be following up on my 2000+ range dash promptly!!" {{champion:67}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:62}}: "Uh......no" *2 seconds later* {{champion:254}}: "hhhh......how can this be? Did.... did they not see my armor shining valiantly in the sun? Do they not realize I am an UN-KILLABLE GOD?! Do they not notice **muh KDA?** Urrggggg! With my final breath...... I must.... make... a thread on the boards.......'Tanks die too fast.....fuck....you.....Rito'......uggghhhhh" **{{champion:67}} Ally has been slain {{champion:254}}**

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