League of Legends no longer feels like our game anymore.

It doesn't. It used to be about gamers talking to gamers. A skins team that tried its best to be good on champions and thematics and not half-ass its skins, but has improved even more with breathtaking skins. A music team whose skill has grown more and more astonishing over the years. A lore team with an ever-widening and ambitious vision of its worlds. And a balance team that made sure each decision would make as many champions fun and possible to play, but has now lost that feeling. Let me explain: When I started playing back in Season 4, I could play most champions I could access. I lost a lot of times because I'm that guy who asks for like 3 or 4 samples of new flavors at Baskin Robbins every time. I tried every flavor of champion. But I remember seeing so many champions in every game I faced and played them all within a week or two. The game had players for all champions, even for abominations like old Yorick and Poppy. But the best part was they could kick your ass regardless of how unpopular their champion was. It was about the better man, not the better champion. Sure, it wasn't perfect. Zed was a loose cannon and Kassadin was literally permabanned. But for the most part, every champion was playable, and any champion was viable. Because it was *our* game. Nowadays, it feels like Riot is taking a traditional dev stance on everything. Stay silent on crappy stuff going on. Talk only about what we can talk about. Now it seems they just encourage only what is popular with balance changes, and just balance the game around professional players duking it out in these huge eSports events where the players are forced to watch rather than play. When did this happen? When did we go from Rioters and players to Riot and the players? It all feels so distant now. When did we transition from Rito pls being a common joke phrase to an actual cry of desperation to be heard? I don't know about you guys, but I remember a time when we could just throw an idea out there and Rioters could be our catchers in outfield, bouncing ideas left and right. A time when it felt like we were talking to fellow players rather than a faceless corporation with its representatives forced to keep quiet about most issues. A time when it felt like we could actually make a difference. It shouldn't take a week of rage posts, a guy losing it on stream because of a Jax bug, a drop in player-developer relations, or even an entire playerbase following a champion pleading for buffs to get Riot's attention. Yes, the game has gotten bigger. But the Boards have not. Can't we just sit down and talk like we used to?
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