This is your chance, Riot

Most, and by that I mean about 90% of all feedback concerning the Sightstone/Support Item changes is massively negative. Riot, this is your chance to prove that you listen to your playerbase. The only valid point about these changes is other roles abusing support items. While Junglers using Frostfang has already been fixed on the PBE, we still have ADCs using Targon's. And frankly, the only way to really prevent them that I can think of that wouldn't be hard to introduce is making the item Melee only. But that would be unfair towards Thresh. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind that much as someone who has over 100K points on Thresh, because the Ancient Coin line is also a viable option on him as of right now. Or we could make Thresh an exception and just allow him to use Relic Shield even though he isn't Melee, because let's just be real here - Thresh will never be viable in any role that isn't Support.
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