Riot, we'll still love you, you can admit you made a mistake

To begin, I'm a pretty casual Boards user. usually just stop by to check out updates etc. I was pretty active on the old Forums though But lately, whether I visit once a day, or once a week, this season all I'm seeing is frustration at Dynamic Queue. And it's justified Riot, we know you guys are gamers, and WE know that YOU know what makes games inherently fun. I am NOT knocking on League of Legends. Since season 3 when I started, I have LOVED league of legends. For about 90% of my time playing. Unfortunately season 6 is the 10%. I don't even care about balance at this point, It's really just Dynamic Queue Games are meant to empower a player. Whether it's living out a fantasy or just feeling strong. This has always been a struggle in league, playing with 5 strangers and having to work together to win? Sometimes you can feel helpless but the cooperation can be rewarding, and it's a cool challenge. Now it's just a struggle. Feeling totally helpless. At the disposal of premades that you can't handle and defeat as opponents. And, that you can't work with as teammates, often the victim of abuse. Feeling powerless, helpless, weak, whatever you want to call it, is what every player does NOT want. If you're concerned about Solo players being "the most toxic", congratulations - now they're constantly mad and it's going to be a lot worse! But the helplessness doesn't stop when the game ends. Good luck attemtping to root out toxicity when a solo player will get slammed with 4 reports for disagreeing with their 4 man premade temamates, or just feeding. I mean, you're just being hypocritical. You CONSTANTLY say how your main goal when tuning a champion is making them feel strong. So how can you be comfortable with making the PLAYER feel weak? It isn't healthy and we don't like it, you can admit it. You made a mistake but we'll still love you Riot, if you just acknowledge it and listen to people. I'm not even saying remove Dynamic, just make Solo Q a choice again, if possible {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} EDIT Apparently some people actually think it's a non factor? Well I'll begin with a fact I guess Superior communication and coordination is a direct advantage in a MOBA. This is not debatable The entire point of solo q was to overcome the challenge of lack of communication, and to work as a team to be successful. This is gone. And no, 2 duos were not the same as a 4 man premade I mean, I don't play ranked much, I'm silver 3. Last year I was almost gold and 75% of players I play with right now have the gold border. At this silver/gold level, early leads OFTEN win. When I see a team rotate perfectly, take dragon, and then push down mid lane 12 minutes in, it's blatantly obvious it's a premade. Players at this level cannot coordinate objective control as fast or effectively. And at this level, and shit, even at the LCS level, a major early lead can win the game And that's exactly what happens. It's SO easy for premades to faceroll a team simply because their coordination allows them to take an early lead and capitalize on their advantage. Contesting dragon, splitting top after taking Rift, rotating bot/mid, calling out summoner and cooldowns, coordinating ganks. Sure a duo is an advantage, but 4? The synchronization is simply unfair Don't get me wrong, it's awesome, but there's a place for it. Ranked 5s + **Apparently this post is rude and condescending.** Look, It's not out of stubbornness or selfishness that I ask this The system of choosing to play either solo/duo, or choosing to play as a full team of 5 has been PERFECTLY FINE for the last I don't even know how many years. I have nothing against premades, they just don't belong in the same games as players who wish to play solo as they have for _years_. I'll say it again, **it belongs in Ranked 5's ** I've seen several "Dynamic Queue was a great fix" Alright, but **_NOTHING WAS BROKEN_** New Champ select? AWESOME fix. Dynamic Queue? Not necessary
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