Riot needs a way for players to view the NET changes of ANY champion/item from ANY patch

A post about this was made a while back but I think it deserves more attention. There should be a panel somewhere in the client where you can click on a champion/monster/item and select a patch and be able to see the net changes from that patch until the current one. So let's say I click on {{champion:7}} and select patch 6.10. I would then see the champion's abilities and passive exactly like in game and be able to hover over them and see their description and damage ratios. If in the current patch the Q ability has increased by 10 magic damage after combining all the changes together, it will be highlighted green and show a differential of "+10" when I hover over it. If her W ability has decreased by 35 since 6.10 then it will be highlighted red and show "-35" when I hover over it. And if you want to get fancy you could also have the descriptions themselves run through a diff program to show the exact changes that the descriptions have undergone between any 2 patches. This will cover the less quantifiable changes that occur when a champion's abilities and passives change in a fundamental way other than simple number tweaks (like when a rework happens). This would be so valuable for competitive players. Or when you just take a break for a patch or 2 and want to see what happened to your favorite champions since you last played. I understand this would require a good bit of work to put together but with a game like League that seems to have no intention of becoming any less complicated, I think it's a must-have moving forward.
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