Can we have the old Banner of Command back and replace the current one with Ohmwrecker?

The current Banner of Command is counter-intuitive. We know it. Riot knows it. Everyone knows it. And yet Riot's been silent on the subject matter. I guess that means they don't agree with any of our suggested solutions. So maybe a simpler solution would be to revert Banner to a simulacrum of its former self and return it to its former niche, because back then it actually had a whole identity and niche. I say simulacrum because a) I just learned the word and it sounds cool, and b) we obviously can't replicate the former build path now that Aegis has been changed. So instead we could just imitate the item with a slightly different build path. ##Option A - a Perfect Replica - Recipe: Fiendish Codex + Crystalline Bracer + Null-Magic Mantle + 900 Gold This retains all the stats the former Banner of Command had, including the Magic Resistance aura *despite* the fact that Riot intended on removing it from the game. Why keep it? Because it widens Banner of Command's niche as an anti-Mage siege item. The aura would be unique among all items so even if the active alone isn't enough to buy it, the aura could make it worth the cost. ##Option B - a Compromise - Recipe: Fiendish Codex + Crystalline Bracer + Null-Magic Mantle + 200 Gold = 2200 Gold This Banner of Command would have slightly lower stats than the old one and would lose its aura. The sheer range of stats, active, and low cost should offer enough utility at a cheap price that it retains its former niche even if it's less effective. ##But what about what Riot wants? Well Riot wanted Banner of Command to be viable on Tank supports and it is currently surprisingly popular on some of them, the biggest two being **Thresh** and **Blitzcrank**. Seeing the stats alone I can imagine why. I just ask myself, why did they rework a utility item meant for a unique niche of Mages into an item that can bought by Tank Supports as well when there is another item only a third as popular as Banner that is already intended for Tank Supports? If Banner of Command is reverted to its former niche, why not give Ohmwrecker Banner's current one so everyone is happy? The few champions who do buy Ohmwrecker most often also buy the current Banner of Command so they wouldn't mind. The new Ohmwrecker would have the current Banner's build path and price just with the Ohmwrecker active tacked on. ######But what about what Illâoi wants? Banner of Command = Aegis of the Legion + Chalice of Harmony, please.

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