Yasuo's Early Game is Too Good

Yasuo has obviously been one of League's most hated champions for a while. Sure, it can be quite frustrating to have an entire champion/their kit be invalidated because of his windwall, and it is very easy to hate on anything else in his kit, as it is very toxic. But this is not the main problem. We have all experienced going against a fed yasuo in the late(or even mid) game as he one shots everyone while healing everything back when you try to do damage to him. And this is simply Yasuo; he is mean to be a late game carry. But how come Yasuo can bully out mages pre-6 with his overstat base damage? For being a horrible experience to teamfight against and duel in the late game, he should not also have to be hell to lane against. Especially with how cheap crit items are, Yasuo should not be a snowballing monster for getting early kills on mages (which is not that hard). And especially with how strong the jungle is, Yasuo has mid priority all the time. Think of it like this. Imagine if Kayle had an (even better) early game, or if Pantheon had a great late game, or if Jax and Kassadin had an even better early game. It simply would not be balanced. Champions are meant to have weaknesses and are balanced around them. "But he needs this damage to survive the laning phase" Yasuo, not having to worry about mana, can just use his windwall when a mage tries to engage or poke, not to mention his free shield for walking and dashes that make it easy to win trades. A mage will just go out of Mana simply trying to have an even lane against him. One argument is obviously that he does not have a way to CS from long range, and I am aware of this. I am not saying to make his early game Kassadin level, but just don't allow him to 100-0 you if he lands a Q knock up ult +ignite at level 6. "But the winrate" The only reason this champion has a semi-low winrate is because people cannot hold in their natural yasuo instinct to go for every 1v5 outplay, especially in low elo, whether they won lane or not. We've all seen it happen, and the same thing can be said about a lot of champions. But I don't know anyone who would use this argument considering everyone saw what happened with Akali rework. Has anyone ever been killed by Yasuo and thought "that's ok, his winrate makes him do less damage."? Ryze and Sylas have low winrates, but anyone who has gone against those champs realize how strong they can be. Its the same thing with Yasuo. This champion has had a high pick rate and ban rate for such a long time; riot should do something already. Because of his high pick rate I am ready to get downvoted by Yasuo mains, but for a champion whose kit is very simple to learn and use, and is a hyperscaling late game monster, should he really be that good early game?
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