At this point I'd be fine with Shaco's Q getting removed completely

Because I realize that's probably the only way he can go back to being an assassin without attracting the ire of every moron in this game. Look, I get it, people don't like invisibility. People don't like getting mind-gamed and cheesed for 30 minutes. But god damn it, I started playing Shaco because I like him as an assassin. Not some fucking random brusier/tank shit. And that's his ONLY viable build path right now. Full AD, full AP, and hybrid Shaco has been knocked so far down that it's tantamount to trolling if you play him that way now. Shaco used to have an identity, one I really appreciated for its uniqueness and depth. But now he's worse than Rengar, who also happens to be an assassin reworked into a bruiser/tank. After all was said and done, Riot took this "rework" as an opportunity to completely remove the Shaco I used to love from the game. But I guess it's fine, because Shaco never was very popular. And when he WOULD get brought up, all people did was bitch about his Q being overloaded bullshit. So fine. Gut his Q. Remove it completely for all I care. Just give Shaco is assassination capabilities back. His current Q does no damage whatsoever; it's purely utility. His W gets destroyed in 1 auto-attack after 15 minutes, and that's AFTER taking 2 seconds to ready itself. His E has pitifully low base damage, and both scalings have been gutted by at least 20%. His ult damage was drastically reduced; both its base explosion damage and its attack damage to buildings, meaning you can't even split push with him anymore. Shaco is basically the Malzahar of the assassin rework. He was changed so drastically that he became a all-around powerhouse, and Riot was forced to nerf him into the ground. Now, like Malz, he's relegated to a role that he was never supposed to be in in the first place. It's time Riot takes responsibility for its failures. Something needs to be done with Shaco, because it's almost impossible to play him right now.
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