Ya know I always thought the Promos thing was a coincidence..

Or at the very least just forced 50% winrate creeping up by the time you win enough matches to get into a series (what I actually believed was the cause). But mother of god has this season ever changed my mind. It's actually disturbing how obviously promos are stacked against players right now. Even just last game.. my buddy and I are on a pretty huge winstreak - 8/10 won (even 3 "uncarryable" matches carried by us).. last loss for both of us was.. you guess it, during our promos. And THE second i hit my series I get the... Leona Jg MAIN with 1.16 KDA who's on a 30% winrate loss streak "whats wrong with leo jg! its amazing!" The Udyr top who rushes Mallet/tiamat into Vayne and loses every turret, despite our jg not leaving it The 3 players on the team who decide to get thornmail and get one shot by kassadin (whom I won against, but is now insanely fed) The Udyr that gives up halfway through and sells his items to buy boots and tears All 4 dragons gone to the enemy hecarim because Leona thinks camping the top lane vayne is smarter than having any objectives in the entire match There's no way in fucking hell that promos aren't being stacked right now, let alone a coincidence. it's fucking sickening how bad and how blatantly obvious it is.. the coin has been thrown out the window and the matches are flat out being rigged.
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