How is vlad healthy gameplay? @RiotRant

This is a Rant to riot. I just wrecked a vladimir with Sion... However,,, Vlad buys one Spellvamp item and he becomes unkillable with free sustain and high dmg, You really made a bitch ass champion for top Riot. Good job, Vladimir is to top lane what Fizz is to mid lane, Cancer. Also lets not forget that 1. Free sustain after first item 2. High dmg with an ult that amps dmg not letting you all in him or even fight him, 3. He can dodge ULTIMATES, with his Pool. ( Also as sion, i used Q AFTER he pooled, i held it to its max duritation but vlad was STILL pooled, completely negating one of my abilities, that he can use in the next 5 seconds... ) But good job working on People like Garen and Darius.. yknow. THE FUCKING CHAMPIONS THAT WERE FINE? The champions that people were able to use normally and carry games? man. you guys have gotten on a new type of low. Lets not forget that Everyone on the PBE said No to Sated Devour because it was op. But you dont really care about the players do you? you just want to pull stuff out of your ass. Hey!!! Why not.... Wait... just hold on a second... Instead of reworking champions that people play on a daily basis.... why dont we work on whats NEGATIVELY effecting the game... Like Spellvamp in Items, Taric being forgotten for years because you were too busy with Juggernauts, Balancing Riven to where if she gets one kill then she can own the game, Making urgot played instead of working on DhaMa,
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