Devourer has been overnerfed for every single ranged champion.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5.18: Damage per stack reduced to 0.67 from 1. 5.19 Phantom hit every 2nd hit to 4th for ranged champions ------------------------------- As it stands, devourer is an extremely weak item for ranged champions. It takes ages to stack and when finished is not rewarding at all Every 4th hit is wayy too much. In my opinion this should be reduced to 3th. All primary ranged devourer users (**Kindred**, Kayle, Teemo) stopped using this item and instead now go Warrior and Runeglaive. In my opinion devourer wasnt even a big deal on ranged junglers in the first place. Beside kayle using the item extremely well there werent any abuse cases except for the cheesy vayne jungle which was awful either way. Right now, devourer takes too long to stack for minimal reward for ranged champions.
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