Arcane Blade instead of Nimbus Cloak

I see a lot of feedback that players are not happy with Ultimate Hat being exchanged for Nimbus Cloak. What if Arcane Blade (5% AP On-hit) were brought back instead of adding the new Nimbus Cloak? Mages have been asking for Arcane Blade to return since Runes Reforged. A new iteration of Spell Weaving mastery could also be welcome (possibly as a Sorceror keystone). By the way, Arcane Blade should not be made adaptive scaling in my opinion, but it could be given a minimum (3-5) on-hit damage floor that takes effect until enough AP is obtained to surpass it. There are other non-adaptive masteries already, such as a magic-damage only shield that happens to disfavor AP champions in the game, so adaptive scaling isn't necessarily a rule for new runes.

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