Why do the patch notes rarely support the "premise" provided for them? Example 9.1

So you lead off 9.1 patch notes stating you want to turn down kalista/ornn/sejuani utility because they get over tuned for pro play when high levels of timing and team play occur...Ok fair enough, but here are the changes.....you then list. Kalista - zero utility removed (ok rend on epic monsters halved however still plenty enough to time with smite to make dragon/baron 100% secured) The changes are straight up damage buffs....nothing traded off just making her a 1 v 1 god, nothing remotely described by your patch note comments... Sejuani? Again literally just buff all her dmg and reduce the stun duration which actually requires even more precise teamwork and timing to take advantage of...The opposite of what you said you intended. Now she is a focused teamwork burst. Ornn similar just make him more of a force stat ball and narrowed the window requiring greater teamwork. TLDR you actually removed almost no utility and made these champs require even more coordinated precise teamwork while also simply making them bigger stats balls which was typically the actual problem in high play they had immense utility with no trade off for it.

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