The comeback of the old urf

As previously discussed with a gamer player support, i understand, arurf is better because it makes people play a lot more champions, and makes less people stop playing the game then the old urf and brings back older people. I do understand but in my opinion that's not enough to keep on with arurf, its true that if it were the old urf we would only choose a couple of champions, the most op ones ofc but that happens because certain champions are stronger then others ones, if riot manages to buff weak champions and nerf stronger champions on urf people would play a bigger diversity of champions. About the people that stop playing league of legends after hard focusing arurf, those became less then when Normal urf was on, yeah that's true, but that only happens because people like me dont even want to waste time playing Arurf or just give up on wasting time, because in arurf the fairplay will come close to 0%, the other team can have super strong urf champions while mine has weaker champions, for example there was this time i went against a nasus on midlane as yasuo, i dont even need to say what was the outcome , i got destroyed in a way i can't describe and that because i couldn't choose the champion i wanted,lesser people will play arurf if this keeps on, probably the only people that still play it are the new people that never played the normal urf, us from the old times would love to play the champions we want as we remember. Resolutions to bring back old urf: - Buff and Nerf champions, so people play a bigger diversity of champions. for example: yasuo is one of the worst urf champions so to make him more enjoyable put the cooldown of yasuos Q less then 1,33 sec( the limit of yasuo normaly),on the other hand, to make sylas less strong just put a bit more cooldown simple as that. -As before bring back the ban system, 3 bans from each team are enough. Outcomes: -since a lot of players old/new would play ,like a lot ,the old urf, more players would stop playing league of legends, but more people would stop playing with a good opinion , like '' dammm, i really played 50 urf games in just a month, it was fun tho, gotta rest for a bit'', but they comeback to the game sooner or later, instead of having less people playing urf because its all random and when they stop playing they would be like '' couldnt even have the chance to play a fun champion , not to mention the unbalance in champs of both teams, their teams had always advantage just ,unfair...'' in lesser words. old urf- fairplay,fun,more people, more good opinions arurf-0 of fairplay, less fun, less people less good opinions - (urf) the burst of games played would be far greater then the games played in arurf Like i know no one from the dev team will really pay attention to this, they will read it but im just another player, but i want to ask one thing, try it at least once, annouce the coming of the old urf , see the results and then announce the coming of the arurf and try to check the difference in games, new players, the comeback of older players, and the positive and negative feedback from the players... Just try it once it wont be as bad as you think :/ , actually it could even suprise you :). Best regards,Mortal333{{champion:45}} {{item:3128}} {{item:3089}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
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