@RiotRepertoir Syndra is ''Fine''

I'm really tired of ''stats don't matter''. It's very convenient to say that when the stats are bonkers. **From OP.GG, data based on the Korean Server. ** ''Syndra is fine. Mains are still doing fine with her'' {{champion:134}} : 46.67% Winrate 2.25% Playrate ''Only mains play Aurelion Sol, he's just in an ok spot''. {{champion:136}} : 57.38% Winrate 2.07% Playrare. Wow, basically the same playrate, yet more than 10% higher winrate. Syndra mains are suuuure doing fine. ----------------------------- ---------------------------- ''Zed is in a bad spot. It's hard to win games as Zed. Buff buff.'' To be fair, he was in a meh spot multiple patches ago. But look at him now. {{champion:238}} : 53.12% Winrate 8.79% Playrate Hmm, sure looks hard to win on Zed. He's said to have a higher skillcap than Syndra and brings no utility/hard CC to a team, yet much higher playrate and winrate. --------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Azir was heavily nerfed do due his competitive prowess, which is true. He's also said to be harder to master than Syndra. Riot even said that they'll be keeping him in a pretty weak spot in solo q until they find a solution. Yet: {{champion:268}} : 47.48% Winrate 7.33% Playrate Even he is doing better than Syndra. The bias against Syndra is unreal. Just because people don't like playing against her ultimate. ---------------------------------- --------------------------------- ---------------------------------- All we're asking is to revert the Q passive, which we never wanted and knew it would be bad for the champion. It's like the Riot balance team doesn't even play their champs. The most annoying part is that they saw Syndra mains speak out against the change, yet kept going without any response. It would bring back the sphere management needed to access her burst (good change for enemies playing against Syndra) and would bring back the power her Q needs (good change for Syndra players). It's a win win situation.
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