irelia rework looks awesome/strong. Reminds me of how overloaded yasuo was on release

From what i've seen on the PBE her kit looks awesome but I feel she should have increased mana costs on Q, take away the increased damage to minions or monsters or not as much since it makes farming way to easy especially when it barely costs any mana. Also it provides really significant healing without having any lifesteal; since it applies on hit affects life steal or gunblade just make it even better. I feel like Q is to strong for a targeted ability that can't miss with low cool down/refresh & higher range than yasuo E. Also she's completely immune to cc with her W granted she can't move; & her ult does damage, massive slow, & disables people from auto attack if the pass the blade barrier. Really my major complaints. I know she was just released on the PBE so be patient. The kit is fine just the ratios and effects that need to be tuned in my opinion. Let the downvotes commence, had a similar issue with Zoe release, no one would listen, look where she is now.
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