Perfect quote about solo q.

"Lost 2 games that weren't my fault, then won one not on my credit". Just watched some velkoz montage and the dude is spot on. He lost 2 games with scores like 12\1, then you win a game where you literally can play ap volibear and win. This is just a deep problem with matchmaking + autofill= unbalanced matches. There are so many frustrating games, if not all ranked games, but every patch is just a check mark on riot side, as if everything is fine and dandy. I see more and more players and even streamers getting frustrated with rank. It's just an awful feeling when you give your best and keep losing, then you see 2 dudes autofilled and 3 division lower than everybody else. If you start talking about mmr, then put me in a rank I deserve by that and not some grindy latter.
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