Just played a 50 min game

and honestly it felt a lot better than my 10 win streak a while ago. Both teams were consistently making comebacks instead of just one team creating a huge lead then snowball all the way to the end with the crazy damage. This was the most fun game I've ever had all season long, despite all the flames and toxicity etc. Sometimes the nostalgia would kick in and I would create custom games with friends to intentionally play a 45 min+ game, because that was the closest we could get to an old/original League game. Every custom game I play I wonder if I can ever get to experience a real 45 min+ game again, and for that to have come true just now I am at a loss for words to describe how joyful I am at the moment. It made me remember how much fun I had in League and how much I used to enjoy the game. I still do, but nowhere near as much. Back then there was ap master yi getting pentakills in three seconds and.. ok well you know the rest... list is too long. Right now what variety is there? There are only a few champs that fit in the meta and if I pick anything else I almost always get flamed (sure I could mute but I don't play this game just to mute teammates) plus I almost always get outmatched by the meta champs. It really just forces me to play the meta champs if I want to have the slightest amount of fun. I do love League of Legends, and that's why I'm still playing despite the current states of the game. All of my friends have quit. Although I doubt I will do the same any time soon, I also doubt if I can ever enjoy the game the same way as I did in the past. I still buy skins now and then even though I'm not into them at all, and the sole reason being that I want to support Riot as much as I can. I may be a low elo scrub who never managed to reach any higher than plat 5 in EIGHT years with any account, but Riot I am among the most loyal players in the game. We will remain and support Riot and the game for as long as we can, even when there are only us that's left in the game. But Riot, are you willing to do the same for us? I really miss the old League of Legends that almost everybody loves.
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