In fact no one like being autofilled, It’s just stupid we all don’t care to find a game faster if u are autofilled, it’s the 5th game I dodge bc i’m autofill jungle and so forced to dodge, AND WHEN U DODGE U LOSE 1 PROMO’S GAME OR LOSE LP JUST WTF ? AUTOFILL juste make people being toxic af, so the team flame him and we lose a game. I don’t want to image how it can be horrible in hight elo.. Just why do AUTOFILL exist, Riot said that he listen to their player but when u just quote autofill 99% of the discussion are « remove autofill systeme »... no one like it. Autofill just tilt u and so u’ve got no fun anymore to play this game, and finally ragequit. Let’s us have our role even if we have to wait 5min in queue.
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