Uh... about Zoe (please read before you downvote because Zoe)

Zoe WR in Diamond: https://imgur.com/VX8uN3f Near 50% winrate before. Now sub-40%. Zoe WR in Silver: https://imgur.com/8tza0ON Was already sub 50%. Is now sub-40% as well. I can understand that she's frustrating to play against, and I realize that she was 100% pick or ban in LCS... but it shows that she was pretty much balanced... sure she was one shotting out of fog of war but that wasn't winning her games. Now she still isn't winning games AND can't oneshot out of fog of war. Now as an M7 Zoe I do think some of the nerfs were justified, mostly on the E bubble cooldown. However I think that taking the AP ratio down on her Q so much and pretty much destroying what little waveclear she had was a tad much. I do like that more power was shifted into her actually weaving autos in and using W in a smart way, and I agree that teleport was too strong. However I think she should get her passive application on surrounding Q targets back and bump the ratio up to 0.3, previously 0.4 I know I'm going to get a lot of hate off this thread but tbh Riot shouldnt be nerfing champions purely for being frustrating to play against and not actually having that much of an impact on games. Otherwise I'd really like to see some Tryndamere and Vayne nerfs coming up.
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