"But spear of shoujin riven/renekton is viable.." -goes 2-9

Reeeeeaaallly getting tired of seeing riven and renekton rushing this item, like it's end all be all of builds, and then immediately hyperfeeding.. We get it, you 'think' you're "abusing" a good item for your champ. You believe it's a strong pick on you so that you can "cheese to win". except that it isn't any of those things because you're not understanding the importance of actual core items and defensive items into the right _matchups_. stop fucking rushing it already and learn how to actually build properly. it's almost as disgusting as every idiot that first picks vayne, or just plain picks vayne without the least bit of understand of her mechanics, much less how weak her laning phase is and feeds/loses turret at 7 minutes.
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