So Let's Talk About Tryn & Why You Shouln't Buff Him

Poppy's old ULT was along the same lines of Tryn's current ULT. There is no counterplayer to it. Tryn is unkillable , can stick to you and heal himself up to full health. On paper Tryn is the prime example of bad champion design because I feel like there is no counterplay to any part of his kit. With other ULTS that give immunity and bring people back to life, there is counterplay. Taric's ULT has this loadtime. Kayle's doesn't last that long. Players can predict where Zilean's target is going to be. I think it is BS to have a champion that cannot die with no counterplay, can twirl around you even if you try to get away, can heal himself up to full health, can critically hit everything in his path with auto attacks, and nothing works on him. There is nothing on this champion that is fun to play against. Don't even THINK about buffing this champion unless you are going to make his ULT less of a hindrance towards players. It's ridiculous to think this champion needs buffs when in reality he needs kit adjustments to actually give him counterplay.
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