@RiotRepertoir: What's your opinion on Nasus in 5.16?

By and large, Nasus is balanced, even if everybody who doesn't play him hates playing against him. But 5.16 is going to be making quite a few changes to champions and items that directly impact him, and most of them seem to do so in a way that is a net negative for him (e.g. Making Frozen Heart worse than it's ever been; fucking defensive itemization in the ass). Given that the new items being introduced aren't of much actual value to him (Triforce being his sole offensive item and the fact that he doesn't particularly want health on his items) and the only compensation buff he seems to be getting is the incredibly pathetic range increase on Q, are you sure you've thought through the impact of 5.16 on him? Any insight? Comments? Promises not to let him be shoved into the dumpster for no reason?
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