Good bye league!

I recently got permanently banned. and i'm not gonna baby cry about it, i dont even know if i deserve it or not! but i don't need an explanation, i already understand. it's their games and it's their rules lol i played league for 6 years and i had alot of fun. actually i was only playing it for Evelynn.. (i love that badA$$ champ) dam i almost was gonna reach 1 million points, and my goal was to reach master atleast.. but i'm only D4 lol! pretty close & i spend TONS of money on skins! sadly there's no way on earth im gonna make another account and start from the beginning. i think it's time to move on. but yeah lol i thought i would share this stupid topic with u guys! enjoy dis game! have fun! i will miss UUUUU EVELYNN!! <3 {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} [](
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