Zed is the most over powered champion right now

This champion is way too safe and way too much instant damage all rolled into one. You can't gank him, but he can constantly assassinate you anytime he wants. His ult cooldown is absurdly low. The CD is up before you finish walking back from the fountain. If he can't one-shot you then he'll just poke you to death with 1550 range, impossible to dodge, super speed projectiles with the convenience of zero mana. I'm going to get all the Zed mains and forum trolls immediately jump on this saying that Zed is weak and I'm bad blah blah blah insert trash response here. But bull shit aside, this champion destroys games. He wins the game at the champion select screen. He's played nearly every game for a reason. People like getting free wins. The fact that {{item:3147}} costs about half the gold it should and gives Zed r%%%%%ed burst and lets him clear the map of all wards all rolled into one really adds insult to injury. Nerf this face-rolling free-winning garbage now.
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