Warwick's current state

Hey everybody, what do you guys think of Warwick's current state? I think he is fine for the most part but I think he needs a buff on either his Q or his passive, I would increase the range of the Q by just a little or increase his movement speed when running after someone. The reason for this is that I think it is ridiculous champions like Yi, Udyr, Rammus, etc as well as champions like LeBlanc, Riven, Azir, Zed, Talon, etc. can escape so easily. I think when Warwick has blood scent on you you shouldn't be able to easily outrun him. Trying to catch up to an Udyr is pointless, they just run so much faster than Warwick which I think takes away from Warwick some. Anybody disagree? Let me know what you think about him.
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