When you're laners let you die....

... Or the sleeping laners syndrome as me and many other junglers would call it. Picture this, I'm playing Zyra jungle, I admit, not meta, but definitely not troll or weak by any means. I gank bot, give the kill to ezreal, force the blitz out of lane. I see infernal and scuttle up so I go to get scuttle and infernal where I make my first mistake, hoping my bot would rotate if I needed help. Zyra melts objectives and scuttles btw. So Jax shows up, so does Neeko. I ping for a good 9 seconds (Yes I counted) for my bot lane or mid lane to rotate, and I die. 9 seconds is a huge window. Especially if it is 4v2 and the jax isn't remotely fed. Moreover, they kill me, my midlaner blames me for going for an objective! Says he cannot do anything in 9 seconds, my bot lane decides that their jungler dying a few inches from them is a trivial thing and continue to farm. After losing, the support says gg jg 0. 0 ganks, 0 wards. I had the maximum vision score, I literally begged my mid to ward the opposite pixel busy at 1:10. Told everyone a million times to ward and that too, politely. Please wards guys, I got no vision. I soloed herald and my team dies and it's my fault. I've been seeing this sleeping laners syndrome and it's really tilting since no laner wards, rotates and some simply don't even care about what's going on. They only pull up tab after 5 minutes and say gg jg lose game
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