Really loving the changes to Aatrox passive and ult!

I loved Aatrox rework when it came out. Only problem is that lane phase was weak, you can land all your Qs but early it's often not enough to consistently win (this is after nerfs). Passive CD change is great and honestly, think it's a bit too strong! Now the ultimate is cool too! No more baby revive ultimate, now you gotta fight for it (or just poke the enemy while your team kills lol). You could land a bunch of Qs in a team fight but the sustain just wasn't there. Now you have it and stuff. Thanks Rito game! I've won every lane phase I think so I'm wondering what counters him? I feel like he has no strong, will always lose, counters now. Which is great! He's really susceptible to early ganks tho so careful.
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