Who actually does well into Irelia?

I've been getting into toplane as a jungle/support main and I've seen a fair amount of Irelias, which is probably the most annoying champion to lane against. Innate mana and HP sustain, and a stun/slow. I get she's supposed to be lower than you to stun you, but I've been stunned a lot when clearly she has more HP than me. Plus the new triforce on her is annoying. So I really question. Who actually can kill or at least trade fairly with her in top? :/ EDIT: Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I'll definitely try to learn some of the champions you suggested like {{champion:82}} or {{champion:57}} and maybe even {{champion:80}}. I actually have played Panth and Maokai in jungle a few times, and I enjoy their kits. So seriously, when I get top in a norms or maybe even ranked, I'll try them :)
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