Is there even a point in going a mage anymore? I think I'm just gonna start doing AP Sion Mid

Every game is going to have an assassin in it, Mage's only had their late game wave-clear going for them at this point but now thanks to Riot's genius design team we don't even have that. And I am SO fucking looking forward to seeing assassins with their ults up constantly because the unparalleled intelligence of Riot's balance team thinks it's a good idea to give them easy access to fucking ULTIMATE HAT. Have fun trying to play anymore when {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:91}} always have their ults WITHIN A MINUTE once they hit the CDR cap, and god fucking forbid you imagine how miserable it'll be with {{champion:107}} and {{champion:121}} waltzing mid every time their Ult comes off CD. Oh but hey man just build {{item:3047}} {{item:3191}} and hug your turret, it's not like they have over-inflated additional damage thanks to {{item:3147}} and Electrocute/Harvest, or a ton of Mobility that makes ignoring the tower actual child's play. I'm sure you can pull it off and manage the waves without an issue with that 0 Mana you've got. So fuck it, I'll just grab a Tank with decent wave-clear, build a {{item:3512}} / {{item:3060}} and just mindlessly push to keep the assassins from roaming since there isn't jack diddly shit I can do against it as a mage who can only do damage and keep doing it by going full squishy Mana while the assassins are free to build whatever the fuck they please.
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