I tihnk i may quite playing toplane honesly. This role suck

Everygame is same. My botlane go 0/10 at 7 mn 2 v2 while me getting camp by enemy jgl over and over... Seriously how am i suppose to play game and have fun if im getting gank every 30 seconde, My jgl is afk farm and still down in cs compare to enemy jgl how never left topside, My midlaner is dying over and over sol to yasuo and so on ... It honesly becom a coin flip for me. Its either my botlane win or not, My contribue to the game is not existant bc im 2v1 since lvl 1 ( getting lvl 1 cheesed everygame). Inleas im faker or tf blade to 2 v1 outplay everygank, i have no way to carry my way from toplane
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