Can A Rioter help me? (Kindred's Wolf + Conqueror)

So does Wolf counts as a melee champion? (Since it gives 2 stacks on hit) this is not my problem but it's still an important information, my real problem is that conqueror doesn't seem to stack on Wolfs every attack. This is how it seems to stack: 1. 2 Wolf AA gives 2 stacks - **You have 2 stacks of Conq now.** 2. 3 Wolf AA gives another 2 Stacks - **You have 4 stacks of Conq now.** 3. W runs out. Shouldn't it give a stack on every AA Wolf does? Since the description says that every melee attack gives you 2 stacks. Might be bugged, since Kindred are not popular champions so they might have forgotten to check it.

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