If riot wants to keep Nubrac banned fine, however I think this illustates a need

I dunno why but it seems like riot refuses to admit one fact: some people only want to play the champs they want to play. Mind blowing right. However there aren't any modes that let you do that. Blind pick? Gotta follow the meta or people will rage at you. Ranked? Gotta follow the meta. ARAM? No choice in what you get to play. I really think a bit of frustrations would be removed from the game if there was a map, with both ranked and unranked options, where someone can just play X as long as no one else on his team is... so no bans. Wanna play Akali? Knock yourself out. Want to play teemo? Sure. Want to learn how to play a champ that was just released or reworked? Here's the place to do it. Riot, it is going on 10 years now. I think it's time for a map with no meta enforcement where you can play whatever you want to play. We can call it the OneTrickPonydice.

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