Rank is rigged

I understand making it a challenge in order to join the next tier but this is ridiculous. So far just to get from one elo to another Gold for example I have 9 out of 10 games had a DC, AFker, or Someone at gold with a non existing winning history they will have like well over 13 lost games. Most of the time it's not even a real match. It's like playing 4v5 seriously how is it even to match a level 243 no rank 10% winrate yasuo mid with a Gold 3 76% winrate fizz game was so bad even the fizz knew he win from the very start telling me why try my team will lose the game for me anyway and i should afk now. Sure enough the min yasuo got to lane he dove the fizz 9 times in a row. And because the current spot the jungle is in you cant carry that. I ended the game at 9/3/7 while my mid was 7/12/2 same deal with bot lane they just ran in oddly the sup i played with before and lost oddly 4 days apart oddly i was his last 2 games..... How can this be considered a working system when this happens regularly. Just my 2 cents. Right now I'm so irritated how unfairly difficult it is to rank up or get to series when teams aren't even remotely fairly set up. One team should not be stuck with someone who can't even run the game while the other team has zero issues. At this point i just play and give the team 5 mistakes once you past that at we fail to FF at 15 i just leave the game all together or just farm for kills if there team stays grouped i will just sit and wait till the game ends. I feel at this point i am just making excuses for them to perma ban me so i can just drop this game all together. I remember season 6 having over 344 friends on my list now that dropped to 24 with most of the others gone. And now with season 9 that is down too 1 this game is Trash at this point please prove me Wrong.
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