Isn't this change exactly the opposite of what it's intended to do?

>Ocean Drake: Buff now [restores 4/8/12% of missing health and mana every 5 seconds if not damaged by champions within 5 seconds.] from [Restore 10% missing HP and MP every 24/12/8 seconds.] So basicly, what I read out of it is: "If you play a poking comp and get it, good for you. If you're against a poke comp and let them get it, you're screwed." Scenario 1: Non-poke team sieges with Ocean Drake and poke team defends tower. Good luck ever getting your regeneration. Chances are, you're getting poked over and over and eventually fail the siege because you lack the health regeneration to weather their defense. Scenario 2: Non-poke team sieges and poke team defends tower with Ocean Drake. Yea, don't even bother to think about it. They have enough regeneration to completely nullify any attempt to take any of their towers, if you lack any way to actually deal damage to them. Scenario 3: Poke team sieges and non-poke team defends tower with Ocean Drake. Very similar to 2, if you can't reach them while they poke you constantly off your tower, it's easy taking for them while you can't use the regeneration in that time. Scenario 4: Poke team sieges with Ocean Drake and non-poke team defends tower. That's literally the worst case scenario for the non-poke team. You can't reach them to stop their regeneration, you get poked off your towers even harder and get snowballed on like crazy. In any way, I think this change isn't really that fair, especially since the Ocean Dragon loses its own intended conterplay. I understand that he has to be changed as the current version is just very strong and the free regeneration it gives is stupidly oppressive in the right hands. But to keep his own conterplay intact, it has to be changed from that one. Simply making the regeneration only occur when out of combat instead of receiving damage would help a lot, as it would force the poking team to chose if they can try to push or they have to wait until they get some mana back. Just my two cents here.
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