"the new support items are bad" fallacy

A lot of players are saying that the new support items are bad, that they dont give as much gold as the old ones. This is flat out wrong. Lets take a look at how the new items compare to the old items. I will only be covering one of each type, as aside from their stats (AD vs AP) the new items are identical. Firstly, lets talk about {{item:3858}} Both new and old cost 400g, and give similar stats. New starts with 3 stacks, but has a 45 second stack recharge time, old had 2 stacks, but recharged in 40 seconds. So over the first 5 minutes of laning phase (starting at 1:55 in bot lane through 6:55) new will get 14 procs off, old will get 15. (In all of these tests, I will assume that the player was using stacks optimally so that there is no "idle" time, and that all cannons are procced and the rest are spent on melee minions.) In shared gold, this comes out to 489 shared gold for the new item, 510 old. GP10 over this time would have been 30 for old, and 60 for new. So 549 for new, and 540 for old. So for the first 5 minutes the new item out earns the old by 9 gold. At this point the old relic shield user has to back and spend 450g to upgrade to targons, which causes 30 seconds idle time, while new relics upgrades and gets wards at the ~7 minute mark. Once the old user gets back to lane, old targons will get off more stacks, since the recharge timer dropped to 30 seconds, so old shared gold will increase from 693 for a total of 723 gold for the next 5 minutes, while new will share the same 489 gold but increase GP10 gold from 60 to 90 over that time, for a total of 579. So once it upgrades to targons, old would out earn new by 144 gold, but old had to spend 450 to reach that point. New targons has also had wards from ~7 minutes, while old didnt usually get them till about 11 minutes. At the 12 minute mark, new has earned a total of 1128 gold. Old has earned 1263 gold, but has spend 450 gold upgrading. New is fully upgraded, old still has to spend 900 gold to be fully upgraded. If fully upgraded, old would share 1020 gold in a 5 minute period (30 procs over 5 minutes), for a total of 1050 gold. New gives 90 gold over that same period. So if used optimally so that the relic shield user never has idle charge time and gets all the cannons over that 5 minute period, old fully upgraded remnant of the aspect out earns the new support item by 930 gold. However, by this point in the game, supports NEVER get 100% optimal use of their stacks. Laning phase is over, your carries are mindlessly clearing the wave, and you are crying to yourself as 4 blue orbs permanently orbit your champ. If you get 0 stacks over that 5 minutes, new out earns old by 60 gold. The other reason that saying that old items are better is bullshit is that the new ones cost 400 total. The old, when fully upgraded costs 1800. So in a 10 minute period, new gives 1128 gold, ie boots and a kindlegem, whereas old gave 1263 gold, which hasnt even covered the 1400 additional gold cost of its upgrades. So you havent even broke even yet with the old item. Now for Spellthiefs. Both cost 400 gold, both give similar stats. New gives 15 gold per stack and generates a stack every 10 seconds. Old gave 11 gold per stack, and generates every 10 seconds. Old passive would stop generating stacks for 12 seconds per unit slain, so if you hit a minion with an AoE ability, it would cause idle time. So both can get 60 procs over the first 5 minutes of lane. New gives 900 gold, 960 total. Old gives 660 gold, 720 total. New out earns old by 240. So, while not likely, you could upgrade your support item in about 3 minutes with the new item. At which point, it gives wards. When upgraded, new gives the same gold, old gives 22 gold per charge. For the next 5 minutes, new would give the same 900 gold, 990 total, old would give 1320 gold, 1380 total. This is a bit off, since once reaching 1000 gold, the item would lose its tribute passive. Old out earns new by 390 gold. You could fully upgrade the new support item by 7 minute mark. During that time it would have given 1000g. The old would out earn the new item from that point, but as the game progresses, you are far more likely to get punished and killed if you go for some poke. New gives earlier wards, costs 400g, and gives 1000 gold, old would give 2100 gold, but costs another 1400 gold to fully upgrade, so only 700 positive. (this requires optimal charge usage, which is almost never going to happen.) So in conclusion, the new items give more gold during early laning phase, cost nothing to upgrade, and give supports access to wards earlier in the game. As the game progresses, old support items would give more gold, BUT, and its a big butt, that would require carries to allow their supports constant access to waves in the mid-late game, or for the enemy to constantly be poked down by the enemy support without retaliation. Finally, on the topic of supports catching side waves and getting reduced gold, you should probably be asking yourself why you, as the support, are catching the wave. Why arent your carries catching it, or what is your team doing in the down time between objectives/fights that would allow you to be catching a wave. The only "supports" that this is hurting are mid lane mages who were playing support and instead of warding were looking to AoE waveclear in the late game so that they can afford {{item:3089}}
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