Jungle Difference feels insurmountable in low elo.

Many games it just feels like there is nothing you can do if your Jungler is behind the other one. I know there are plenty of ways to theoretically deal with it, but this stuff often requires you to be very good or at least pretty good at the game. I do not feel like a Silver Jungler should just be able to look up the FOTM Jungler and build path and then just completely run away with the entire game with no recourse because said Champion has high kill threat. While at the same time, requiring me to have mechanics well beyond my division to even start to play against it. If the enemy Jungler gets ahead you can't even play the game. I'm sure it's a low elo problem but if low elo Junglers are just waltzing around collecting free wins off of the rest of their peers, those of you who are higher are eventually going to be playing with Junglers that are basically boosted. So if you're sitting there reading and saying to me, "LUL get gud Silver trash", I agree with you, but if this is widespread, the implications of it are eventually going to seep into your games. Seriously the games just feel like 1v1s. The lanes don't matter. And I don't say this from a position of salt. I've been on both sides of it. ADC and I are often inting our brains out. Doesn't matter; we still win - Jungle Difference.
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