I feel like most of the people that complain about League are actively trying to NOT have fun

I would guarantee you that if people didn't have such shitty attitudes going into games, then over half of the threads complaining about how this game sucks wouldn't be here. Most of the threads I read on here are mostly speaking with emotion and with 0 logical approach to them. I wouldn't be surprised if half the time people die once in lane and then start flaming their team in chat because the game is now 100% lost and then afk and go online to complain about how there is something incredibly wrong with this game because they died once. If you aren't having fun playing the game and you are still playing it expecting to have a good time, then you shouldn't complain when your shitty attitude causes you to have a bad time. How about, instead of playing a game that you don't like and just complain about all the time, you just don't do that instead? And maybe do something else that you do have fun with? Doesn't make much sense, but maybe you could give it a go.

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