Last minute advice for silvers who REALLY want Gold

So this advice is for silvers who are desperate and really want to get gold, if your bronze and reading this, maybe you have hope, but time is running short, but this advice is honestly meant for anyone who wants to last minute get elo. This advice honestly I strictly used on myself to get gold in just a few days when I was silver four and it worked, that being said here it is. 1-Stop switching champs and roles every game. Explanation: Chose your main role, and your secondary role. You should have 1 champion for your main role and secondary role who you have lots of confidence with and honestly consider your main. Play that champion as often as possible and just go ham. You should have 2 back up champions for your main role and your side role for when your mains get either banned or you just feel they will be trash picks for your comp. Stick to a play style, stick to a select few champions. If you notice you are a really good {{champion:58}} player than don't suddenly switch to the polar opposite {{champion:112}} when you know nothing about viktor, you are asking to lose at that point. Have two mains ready, one for each role that you chose, than have two back up champions ready, simple really. Find a play style you are good at, and perfect it. For me it was junglers like {{champion:203}} {{champion:141}} who have decent early game ganks but scale very good into the late game i stuck to that style and played nothing else besides the rare {{champion:113}} who also has a similar philosophy, in the sense her early ganks are decent but scales very strongly in the late game. Also prepare a support pick you actually enjoy, for your going to get auto filled eventually. 2-Make a TO DO LIST every game Explanation: a to do list, is when you enter a game, and make a list of things, you feel you have to get done in order for you to win, your to do list is not you going "OMG THIS FUCKING BOTTOM LANE" it's you saying "i need to roam at 8 minutes if possible, get a double, kill and than push for tower", it's you going "this kogmaw is going to be a big issue, so every fight i have to nuke him", it's you going "we really need towers and i'm really strong right now so i should split and put pressure in a side lane". A solid to do list, will win you games for it keeps you focused on the tasks that must be done to win. 3-STOP AUTO PILOTING AND CLAIMING YOUR TEAMS IS THE ISSUE Explanation: this is probabbly the number one issue why people don't climb, they develop a play style, they grow bad habbits and good habbits, and they just they just turn off their brains and auto pilot the entire game. This most often causes silver and bronze players to just stay in their lanes, never roam, forget to push for towers, and than they can't figure out why they lost for they went "well I did well, I got my tower and ended the game 3/2/4, i should of won". No you didn't you just auto piloted that entire game and didn't pay attention at all to what was around you. Keep your brain turned on, constantly pay attention, look at your mini map every 5-10 seconds, and keep adjusting your plan accordingly in how to win. Auto piloting loses games, you need to be constantly aware, turn off your music, talk to yourself out loud in what's going on in the game, and just focus on the game. Anyways I hope this helps ^_^
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