Stop using the IP bug prior to pre season as an excuse for lower BE

There is a tactic in business in which you slowly but marginally raise the price of an item, then put it on sale for the same or slightly lower than the original price of the item. This tricks the consumer into accepting the new, higher, price for the item once the sale is over. The problem riot has right now is that they accidentally did this in reverse. They raised the value of each game without being upfront that it was a bug and trying to fix it. This established a new baseline for how much IP (BE) each game is worth. While many people will understand that it was just a temporary bug and that it was nice while it lasted, riots inefficiency in being transparent and getting ahead of this issue will cause many more players to only see that the BE numbers do not match the IP numbers from the past month and will feel cheated at a time when riot really needs it’s custom to get on board with the new changes. The BE gained per level should be raised slightly to be more in line with the IP numbers from the past month.
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