A quick catch-up understanding for those who wanna know why jungle mains are so mad:

**Riot**: "We want to see more diversity in Jungle champion picks and playstyles" **Junglers**: "Like what?" **Riot**: "More champion picks, and distinct tradeoffs between ganking power, farm-focus/clear speed, counter-jungling, sustain, and objective control" **Junglers**: "Okay, then the first, and perhaps *only* thing you have to do is nerf or rework Lee Sin, Jarvan, and Vi, because they're strong-at-minimum at *all* of those things compared to lower-tier jungle picks" **Riot**: "Oh, okay, so add in this Feral Flare thing so you can ignore the game for 30 minutes" **Junglers**: "Wait, no, you guys aren't listening, that's not--" **Riot**: "Yeah FF broke, we heard you. Now we're gonna remove the champions who can solo dragon early" **Junglers**: "Hold up, that's not what we're--" **Riot**: "Nevermid, dat shit broke too lol. Forget that." **Junglers**: "Well I mean it was a step in the right direction but a bit misguided. If you just--" **Riot**: "Okay, we don't have a fucking clue what we're doing. What should we do, junglers?" **Junglers**: "Honestly, if you just nerf Lee Sin, Jarvan and Vi, you'll see a lot more--" **Riot**: "Right, okay, so nerf Jarvan and Vi a little bit in a single area. Got it" **Junglers**: "But you forgot Lee--" **Riot**: "Yeah we heard you, add Nidalee as a competitive jungler" **Junglers**: "Holy shit wait no don't--" **Riot**: "Here's a tanky jungler item" **Junglers**: "Oh hey! That might help a little bit, but you still have to--" **Riot**: "Damn, Sejuani's stronger than Lee Sin. That shit needs a nerf *pronto*" **Junglers**: "*flips table and walks out*" Disclaimer: I don't play Sejuani, kinda hate the champion to be honest. The point still stands.
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