Unfair matchups

So ever since i became level 110 i have noticed my games started going horribly wrong due to someone on my team not playing right and recently i actually looked at why that is. I took a look at my won games and lost games in draft pick and what i found was the games i won i won cause 1-3 people on the enemy team basically are brand new to the game and the ones i lose a lot of the time are kind of the same like level 40 but me and other people on my team or enemy team are equally skilled and the same level as me or level 200 so my point is well...how is that fair to anyone? like i recently have had games to where my team has an ADC and Support level 30-40 and they are against level 170-200 M7 bot lane like that is not only unfair for my bot lane but unfair that i get punished by playing with low leveled people even though i am a decent level 116 jungler and sure i make bad plays as well BUT i also lose games cause of these unfair matchups and it is soooo stressful. Riot PLEASE fix this cause it ruins player experience and also if anyone else has these problems PLEASE get the word out cause these unfair games need to stop and every game should be evenly matched

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