Another Diana skin I won't be buying.

Main point is part 3. Pls don't take this as a rant this is my own opinion about the subject. I just want to see if anyone shares my views. love and play Diana enough to call her my main and when I really do like a champion I will buy a skin to show my love, I own a lot of skins on lots of champions. But Diana being my favourite champion I have been wanting a skin for her for a long time. im not a fan of the skins she currently has [i prefer her white hair light armour, moon looking skin] and I'm definitely not a fan of her upcoming skin. It's red fire lame theme and I know it was for the Fire ice contest **BUT** I really don't like it cause for a while a couple months back threads and posts about Diana needing a skin were popular on here I was so happy that she was finally going to be looked at for another skin. This infernal Diana skin is just a skin Riot will use an excuse to not give her a skin for another 2 yrs like before, and in my opinion those themed contests skins aren't all that great. I was really looking forward to a nice new skin for her and fear she won't get one for a very long time now # would buy battle ragalia Diana
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